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collection programs

Aeest Revoery Repossession Collateral Protection Insurnace ISI CPI

We can provide our lender clients with value added skip tracing, repossession management, and remarketing services.  Our skip tracing methodology is the most effective in the industry. Our carefully constructed and stringent workflow processes are managed internally through the system used by our skiptracers and group managers to monitor every aspect of data input and activity.  We can then liquidate all of your recovered collateral, allowing you to accomplish gains in efficiency, reductions in cost, and seamless transitions.

GPS Location Device Collateral Protection Insurnace ISI CPI

With this system, not only will you be able to locate your vehicle in the event of a theft, you can also perform live locates, monitor driver behavior, and set security boundaries.  The system can be used as an extra layer of theft protection, resulting in quick recovery of your vehicle in the event of a theft.  The system can also be used for parents to monitor young drivers. You can easily locate the vehicle via smartphone application. The system can also send updates if the vehicle leaves a pre-determined zone or exceeds set speed limitations.  Protect your institution by financing good collateral and reducing risk at the same time.  Increase your subprime loans and manage the risk more effectively.

Monitoring Trac Collateral Protection Insurnace ISI CPI

Utilize a national network of digital recognition technology devices, MVTRAC aggregates and stores real-time intelligent data in a centralized, secure database, of which is subjected to the most stringent privacy and compliance standards available today.  MVTRAC's database in tangent with dynamic, vanguard analytics enables our clients to maximize revenues while minimizing costs.

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