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A SERP is a retirement plan that usually targets a percentage of final salary for a financial institution executive. A 401(k) has strict contribution limits; a SERP is flexible. A supplemental plan makes sense for retaining or rewarding valuable senior staff. SERPs grow in popularity year after year as marketplace competition heats up - along with the demand for top talent.

A SERP has a funding component for the financial aspect, plus a legal document that spells out the whys and wherefores of the plan, including things like vesting schedule and payout stipulations.

As lenders, it's crucial for you to mitigate risks and safeguard your capital, and bond insurance is the perfect solution.  Bond insurance acts as a safety net, offering a protective shield against potential losses resulting from the default of a bond issuer. It provides you with an additional layer of security, ensuring that you receive the principal and interest payments you're entitled to, even if the issuer encounters financial difficulties.  With bond insurance, you can streamline your risk management strategies. By transferring a portion of the default risk to the insurance company, you can allocate your resources more efficiently and focus on other lending opportunities without compromising security.  In conclusion, bond insurance is a powerful tool that empowers lenders like yourselves to safeguard your investments, mitigate risks, and unlock new opportunities. By protecting your capital and enhancing your credit profile, bond insurance is a must-have for lenders who prioritize stability and growth.

When financial institutions consider the qualified plans they offer their employees, the conversation usually comes around to the same topics: cost and investment options. While the 401(k) is not as expensive as common plans of the past, it is still a high-cost benefit.  Apart from cost, investment options are another concern. Value is important. Financial institutions want solid options, great value, and low cost.  Offering a great plan to your employees is rewarding, but can also be challenging. Administering a plan and managing its assets require certain actions and involve specific responsibilities.  Fiduciary scrutiny and a heightened awareness is at an all-time high for fee transparency and 401(k)-related disclosures.  Does you have a 401(k) plan that meets the stringent ERISA fiduciary mandates and Department of Labor requirements? If you want to be sure the answer is yes, get a second opinion.  The endgame is to make absolutely sure your staff members are equipped to achieve their desired outcomes in retirement. 

From standard property tax tracking service to fully outsourced tax operations, we offer a full complement of flexible and accurate real estate tax service solutions to improve your efficiency.  We can even assume responsibility for tracking, payment of property taxes, insurance, and the maintenance of your escrow loans. This will allow you to service your customers' loans and maintain control of your escrowed funds while eliminating the time your team spends coordinating these efforts.  Tell us what you need and we will create a program to fit your needs.

We will negotiate and provide adaptive budget solutions that allow many of our customers to achieve up to 20% savings when compared with traditional maintenance contracts.  Some of the equipment contracts we manage are; ATM Equipment, Drive-Up Equipment, Remote Teller Systems, Point to Point Systems, Security Equipment, Office Equipment, Money Equipment, Telephone Systems, and so on.

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